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How The World Really Works

Above is an image of a booklet I am working on. Seems normal. It is how we view things in the publishing world but if I turned on a feature called “show invisibles” the page takes on a different look.

With the new feature turned on it reveals that things are going on in the background that I couldn’t see at all before!

It shows returns, spaces, tabs, questionable spellings and even shows boxes around images placed on the page and guide lines used in the design process.

This pales in comparison but it illustrates to us how our world works as well. There are unseen forces at work in OUR world that we do not see!

In Daniel chapter ten a supernatural being opens our viewing window wider to reveal that more is going on in our world that we can see. Intelligent supernatural beings pull the strings of our governments, influence polices if not out right dictating them.

Paul confirms this in the new testament as he tells us out right that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.“.

The things he list are fallen angel ranks!

We began to look deeper into this unseen realm in our Wednesday night study.

Some find this information very disturbing and can’t seem to make themselves accept it but God reveals this to us so we understand what is really going on in our world. We can’t deny it. To deny it is to call God a liar and at Cornerstone we believe EWITBIAT (Every Word In The Bible Is Absolutely True) and I think you should too.

Click the button below to watch or listen as we begin to dive deeper into who we are really waring against.