Richard and Diane Burley

Open Air Campaigners | Tampa Branch

Open Air Campaigners is an evangelistic ministry of preaching the Gospel to lost people and mobilizing the body of Christ, primarily through effective open-air outreach.

Their mission is to take the Gospel of Christ out from the church and into the public arena. Day in and day out you will find our evangelists proclaiming Christ on busy city sidewalks, in marketplaces, in parks, on college campuses, and in neighborhoods. We also provide training and service opporunities in evangelistic ministry for individuals, churches, and organizations.

Frantzy and Jenny Louis


We’re a staff of 7 Haitian men and women serving Jesus and Haitians in our country.

We’re a group of supporters in the States who believe in what Jesus is doing in Haiti, and support it prayerfully and financially.

We’re Americans who travel to Haiti on mission trips and serve in clinics, in the prison, and wherever else Jesus directs.

We’re Ann Fè Balans ~ Creating balance.

We’re a dream of big things happening in Haiti and on the mountain in St. Suzanne.

​We’re also different than other mission organizations or missionaries that you’re

probably used to.  None of your support goes to keep missionaries on the field or pay staff.

Everyone in Haiti and in the US believes in what Jesus is doing in

Haiti through MTI and volunteer their time and talents to the ministry.

Southards South Africa

Chase and Ashley Southard | South Africa

Truth to Turkey

Brady and Sarah Vanwinkle | Turkey


Austin and Annie Grace | China

Reaching New York city

Jon and Amber Canavan | USA

Indian Creek Baptist Camp Bedford

Jordan and Mindy Morris | Bedford Indiana