Things to expect to see in the end times. They will increase in severity and frequency.
Information we have gathered about the Mark of the Beast. What it looks lie and how it will affect peoples lives.
No man knows the day or the hour when Jesus will return but we should know the season and discern the times. Watching for events to come is like playing Bingo. The signs for the Rapture are very different than the sings for His second coming. These bingo charts are to help us keep watch.
This second card are events that must and will happen before Jesus Christ returns to Earth.
Daniel 9 is another place where we can look at the timing of end times events. Daniel allows for a gap of time for the Church to be inserted before God turns His attention back to Israel and fulfills promises made to them. the Church is inserted after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and before a covenant with Israel is made with the Beast of Revelation.
The letters Jesus wrote to the seven Churches in Revelation are not only seven real locations but they also represent seven different eras of the Church through history. This timing helps us discern the season of His return for the Church. It began fantastically at Pentecost and will end fantastically with the rapture of the Church.
This image shows the details concerning the last seven prophetic years left to be fulfilled in the Daniel nine prophecy. This time period is called the tribulation and it the same time period that most of the book of Revelation covers.
Here is where we are in God's events calendar. The world ends with a new begining and you can see where we find ourselves at this present day. Waiting on the next promised event to happen, the Rapture of the Church.
Here is another view showing where we are in relationship to the seven letters to the seven Churches of the book of Revelation.
We do not know when Jesus will return. While we know certain events that will be occuring on Earth at the time of His return no man knows the day or the hour of Jesus return for his Church. Matthew 24:36
The Rapture and the second coming of Christ is not the same event. So be diligent when reading passages concerning the end times.
The Bingo cards that are posted above detail out the differences between these two separate events. One could happen at any moment while the other has certain events that must happen before Jesus returns to Earth for the second time.
Daniel 9:24-27 Visualized. 70 weeks of 70 years in this prophecy.
The yellow and red sections are the fulfilled portions of the prophecy with key timing events noted. The blue section is all that is left to be fulfilled.
A zoomed in view of the details concerning the last seven years left to be fulfilled in this prophecy. The book of Revelation is a exploded detail of this same seven year period.
The clock on the prophecy is paused. The whole history of the Church takes place in the waiting for events to start again. How close are we?